DFW Staff Selfies

Ever wonder who’s behind the voice on the phone or the email response to a question? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. Get to know us (a little) through 90-second selfies.

Like most of us, you may not ever have wondered who are the people at “headquarters”. That sounds pretty ominous but really we are every day people with kids, grandkids, parents, pets, hockey dates and chapter meetings. In fact, most of us are Dining for Women members and share the same passion that you do for the organization and its goals. DFW is not just a job to us. During the 13th Month campaign, we talk a lot about the need for strong operations. Much of that goes to services, but there are people behind the scenes too. We asked staff members to create a selfie, but left it to them to decide what to share. Each person was the writer, director and producer of their own selfie.

(HINT: CLICK on the table of contents button in the player window —  toc buttton — to see a list of staff videos and jump to the one you want)