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What Together Women Rise does

Together Women Rise is a global dinner circle dedicated to helping women and girls in the developing world achieve their potential, gain equality in their countries and cultures, and overcome economic limitations and social bias. 

We are: Women from all countries and parts of the world who want to bring about  equality and opportunity for women and girls.

We believe: All women deserve to be self-sufficient.

We give: Nearly $4 million since 2003 to dozens of global grassroots programs that benefit women in extreme poverty.

We value: Education as the fuel that feeds our commitment and purposeful passion as the driving force of our advocacy.

We provide: A hand up not a handout and arm hundreds of thousands of women and girls with the tools, knowledge and support to build better futures.

We are: Changing the world – one dinner at a time.

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“DFW’s strength lies in the synergy that’s created when friends gather to connect, to learn and to give, and when this powerful model is replicated over and over in our chapters in communities all over the world.” – Marsha Wallace

How we do it

Twice a year, we accept grant applications from grassroots organizations around the world. From the dozens we receive we select six each cycle. Each month, we work to raise money for a featured grantee that we have selected. Learn more about our grant process and requirements. We allocate the grant amounts in advance and raise the money each month to support our commitments. In addition to the 12 projects a year that are selected as Featured Grants, we also make a longer term commitment to nine other organizations for Sustained Funding. This allocates $20,000 a year for three years to an organization we have worked with in the past, to keep positive projects moving forward and strengthen their capabilities.

How you can get involved

There are many ways for you to get involved: learn about our grantees by reading the materials on our website each month, donate, follow our activities and interests on social media, or join or start a local chapter.

Why join a chapter
Being part of our of our chapters is the most engaging and meaningful way to be involved. Chapters are as diverse as our membership. Meeting frequency varies, but most meet monthly. Although we began with a potluck dinner, chapters may choose to meet for lunch, brunch, in a restaurant or watering hole, office break room or school cafeteria. Being part of a chapter means getting to know others with similar interests and concerns as yours, learning about new countries and working together as a group to increase awareness, advocate for change and support the grassroots projects we identify as the best vehicle for our involvement.

We will help you find a chapter near you that fits your personality, schedule and interests. You may find you want to start a new chapter, or have a new idea for how to support our goals. Our regional leadership is the central source for you to find the best way for you to join us in changing the world.

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