West Region Conference of Inspiration, Learning, & Gratitude

Welcome and Celebrating Our New Strategic Plan

Colleen Kill & Pat Payne
Barb Collins & Beth Ellen Holimon

Together Women Rise’s new strategic plan focuses on achieving global gender equality, increasing our impact on women and girls around the world, and building a highly-engaged and inclusive global community.


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Raise Your Voice for Women & Girls

Pat Payne & Chris King

Calling all activists!  A rousing session on how YOUR voice could really make a difference in 5 minutes or less. We share alarming trends on how the COVID pandemic has pushed back progress impacting women and girls disproportionately. Learn more about how to stand up and speak out on behalf of silent marginalized women and girls.


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Sharing Best Practices for Creative Meetings

Melinda Pedersen, Cynthia Sawtell & Mary Force

This is a working session, as we share favorite practices for both in and between meetings. And yes! We tackle virtual meeting fatigue during COVID.


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Fuel Your Passion – Ways to Connect with Together Women Rise and Beyond

Julie Kassan

Together Women Rise has more to offer! Have a special interest in cooking, travel, books, fair trade? Learn about these groups and Together Women Rise volunteer opportunities to further engage your passion.




Keynote Presentation by Sarah Symons, founder and CEO of Her Future Coalition

We are very fortunate to have Sarah Symons the Founder and Executive Director of Her Future Coalition, an international non-profit and social enterprise fighting human trafficking and other severe gender violence with shelter, education and employment. Her Future Coalition was the Together Women Rise feature Grantee in March 2019. Sarah has some very exciting news to share with Together Women Rise about the impact of our grant with one of our recipients in Kolkata. Over the past 12 years, Her Future Coalition has helped over 5000 women and children in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand to get out of slavery and exploitation, and to build safe, independent and successful lives.

Symons’ book – This is No Ordinary Joy –available on Amazon.com, tells the story of her work with trafficking survivors and how it has transformed her life. Sarah’s TED-X talk, ‘Living Heroically’ shares insights learned from survivors on recovering from trauma and living an epic life. Her new book, ‘Standing in the Way’, co-written with one of the survivors in the program, will be released Jan. 11, 2021 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.




10 Ways to Give to Together Women Rise

Pat Payne & Cynthia Sawtell

Learn about exciting and new ways you can give back to Together Women Rise to make a difference. We will go shopping and explore some “fun” raisers for you and your employer, family and friends.


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Exploring the Possibility of a Chapter Leader Network

Melinda Pedersen & Mary Force

In this working session we explore creating an opt-in Chapter Leader network to directly access and share expertise, collaborate across chapters and make new friends.


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BE INSPIRED- Presentation by Kay Yoder, Director of US Operations for Ripple Africa

Kay Yoder has had the extraordinary privilege of participating in the Together Women Rise process from both sides, serving as a chapter co-leader and regional mentor, as well as a Together Women Rise grant recipient. She is the US Director of Operations for Ripple Africa, a grassroots nonprofit working in Malawi, Africa, whose mission is guided by the philosophy of providing a hand UP not a hand out. With projects ranging from education to healthcare to the environment, Ripple Africa’s Changu Changu Moto fuel efficient cookstove was the featured project in May 2015 and is currently the sustained grantee. Kay considers herself very fortunate to witness firsthand the merging of her two passions, Ripple Africa and Together Women Rise, and will be sharing about the impact Together Women Rise has had on the lives of women and girls in rural Malawi.





Inspiration/Learning/Gratitude Wrap Up

Colleen Kill & Pat Payne


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