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Everyone is Welcome

Together Women Rise believes that women lead the global gender equality movement. We also know that to accomplish our goals, we need everyone to take action for change. While most of our members are women, all are welcome, including men, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals. Regardless of how you identify, your race, religion, sexual orientation, or ability, Together Women Rise is a home for all who want to build collective power to uplift women and change the world. We recognize the value of different perspectives, and our aim is to create a more diverse community where everyone feels safe, respected, and heard.




How to engage?

We offer many opportunities to learn about and engage in our work to achieve global gender equality:


Chapters Meetings:

Each chapter approaches meetings in their own unique way. Our model is flexible, so each chapter tailors the meetings to fit the needs and preferences of its members. Most of our chapters gather monthly and share a meal together — usually in someone’s home – often enjoying the traditional recipes of the featured country. Others forego the meal for a simpler gathering, and still others meet virtually, connecting family, friends, even college alumni from all parts of the country.

While our meeting structure is flexible, at every meeting — no matter where in the country it’s located — members connect, learn about the featured projects and courageous women making impact in their communities, reflect on and discuss the issues as a group, and combine their resources to create widespread change.


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Leadership Opportunities:

Together Women Rise offers many volunteer leadership opportunities for members who want to engage and contribute further to our work at the local, regional, and national levels.




Advocacy Program:

As a grassroots movement with thousands of members throughout the U.S. we can make an impact on U.S. policies and funding and create systemic, long-term change to improve the lives of women and girls internationally. We offer training, support, and inspiration for our members to build relationships with their members of Congress and advise them on policy decisions that support women and girls globally.



Travel Program:

Working with a travel provider committed to sustainability, we give our members the opportunity to see our work in action, connecting face-to-face with grantees and the women and girls they support. Our travelers get the chance to see firsthand the countries and the cultures they’ve learned about through chapter meetings — and then, members bring their experiences back to their home chapters to spread the lessons they learned.




Book Club:

Our Book Club provides additional opportunities for learning and community building by sharing and discussing books related to gender equality, international women’s issues, women’s history and accomplishments, and more.


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Regional and National Events:

Together Women Rise builds community at the local, regional, national, and global levels. Members have opportunities to learn and connect with each other at regional and national gatherings – both virtually and in-person – including conferences and special events like our annual International Women’s Day celebration.