International Women’s Day

Together Women Rise … Again! Recovering from COVID’s Setbacks





About Our Theme

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for women and girls and gender equality. After the gains that were made in past years, the setbacks truly are devastating. Millions of girls are out of school and may never return. COVID has brought massive job losses, shrinking of economies, and loss of livelihoods, and women are bearing the brunt of this economic fallout. It is anticipated that the pandemic will push 47 million women and girls into extreme poverty, worsening the gender-poverty gap. There has also been a shocking increase in child marriage, gender-based violence, and female genital cutting as consequences of the pandemic.

Even after the pandemic is contained, women and girls will be impacted for years to come. This is happening at the same time that women continue to be disproportionately impacted by other global challenges, including conflict and climate change.

However, there is reason for hope. Women are not passive victims of these challenges. There are many inspiring examples of how women are fighting back against these challenges with effective and lasting solutions.


Our Speakers

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Ginette Azcona, Research and Data Policy Specialist at UN Women, and author of the report From Insight to Action: Gender Equality in the Wake of COVID-19a comprehensive summary of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and girls. 



Dr. Geeta Mehta, Founder of Asia Initiatives, a non-profit organization that works for women and their families in underserved communities to help improve livelihoods, education and the environment. Asia Initiatives is a past Together Women Rise grantee.  Within weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asia Initiatives launched COVID Resilience Projects to employ jobless laborers, many of them women, while also addressing water conservation and other environmental issues.



Aubryn Sidle, Global Head of Research for AMPLIFY Girls, a collective made up of 25 partners across four countries in East Africa, driving change and improving outcomes for adolescent girls and their communities. AMPLIFY Girls has launched a back-to-school campaign to address the crisis in girls’ education as a result of the global pandemic. AMPLIFY was recently awarded a $50,000 Impact Partnership Grant by Together Women Rise.





During the event, we will also share a brand-new music video by folk and acoustic roots singer/songwriter Joy Zimmerman. The song is entitled Women Who Walk on Water. You can learn more about Joy HERE, and you can download Joy’s album, The Canvas Before Us (which includes the song Women Who Walk on Water), from our Marketplace page. Together Women Rise will receive $5 from every $10 digital download. Joy is a member of our Rise KS, Prairie Village-1 chapter and will also be performing at a benefit concert for Together Women Rise in Overland Park, KS in March.





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