Principles of a Healthy Workplace


  • Mutual respect is the norm.
  • We practice, believe and celebrate honesty, respect and dignity for all.
  • The team enjoys spending time together and has an appropriate level of friendship/caring for each other’s lives.


  • Feel free to express opinions without fear of condemnation or criticism
  • Open dialogue and discussion – everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and viewpoints, even if they are different from others.
  • Cohesive and harmonious team with effective communication
  • Clear, respectful communication
  • Conflict is resolved quickly and between the parties involved.


  • Teamwork is important, with each employee playing her role so the organization can work and serve the clients to the best of its ability.
  • Team members are open to change and flexible in terms of changing job duties or responsibilities, recognizing that the change will benefit the entire organization. (there is no “that’s not my job” attitudes).
  • Support of coworkers; cooperative
  • Team members celebrate when the organization (or one member of the team) has a success, and supports each other when something goes wrong (no finger pointing).

Work Ethic:

  • Each member holds themselves accountable to the entire team for doing their job in a timely, high-quality manner.
  • Team members are consistent and trustworthy
  • Team members are flexible; embrace change
  • Free from gossip
  • Everyone delivers quality and timely work – Committed to excellence
  • Responsible follow-through.
  • Continuous learning is encouraged and supported

Value & Appreciation:

  • Everyone feels appreciated and valued
  • Team members are valued and appreciated – not just in words, but also in fair compensation and benefits.


  • Strong leadership that seeks input and works collaboratively with team members, but also makes the ultimate decisions in a timely manner when needed and holds each member accountable to achieving results.

Advancement / Training & Development

  • Team members are given opportunities for advancement within the organization (advancement could be in terms of increased training & development, increased responsibilities, title change, compensation, increased benefits, etc.) and see progress towards this over time based on the quality of their work and willingness to take on new responsibilities.