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Fair Trade

Volcanica Whole Bean Fair Trade, Rainforest Certified Coffee

  • 100 percent El Salvador Coffee with is a rich full-bodied coffee with a smooth, sophisticated flavor and an intense aroma.
  • Organically grown coffee, sustainably sourced, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified to protect the farmers, wildlife and the environment.


JBC Coffee Roasters Medium Roasted Fair Trade Coffee

  • Direct trade micro-lot coffee from coffee grower Ricardo Ariz.
  • Grown in the clouds of El Salvador’s Santa Ana region




Noviembre (November)

By Jorge Galán

Recommended by ConTextos

From Amazon: 1989. Salvadorian society is immersed in the horror of civil war. On a fateful November dawn, a group of armed men entered the Universidad Catolica and murder six Jesuits priests and two women in cold blood. Survivor of the massacre Father Tojeira is forced to take the reins of control in the sinister days following the attack, desperate to uncover the truth behind the terrible slaughter. Inspired by the real-life tragic events that shook El Salvador and Latin America, November is a moving and unsettling novel about fear, hate and impunity.


Listening to Killers

By James Gabarino

Recommended by ConTextos

From ConTextos: While this book is based on work with inmates in the US, it shows very clearly the relation between “war zone neighborhoods,” trauma and the justice system. See Jane Hit by the same author is a more focused analysis on girls and violence in the US.


El cuarto de los huesos / The Room of Bones (Link is to trailer)

Recommended by ConTextos

From Women Make Movies: This film follows forensic anthropologists in El Salvador tasked with the noble but gruesome work of unearthing human remains and matching them with names of desaparecidos (missing persons) as well as four mothers in their search for their children’s remains in the midst of three decades of social violence in El Salvador. English subtitles. Note: This film is not currently available online but is available through libraries, especially college and university libraries and through interlibrary loan. It may periodically be available on streaming services.

Cinema Libertad

By Arturo Menéndez

Recommended by ConTextos

From Vimeo: Cinema Libertad is a short film that tells the story of Nacho and Ela, two kids that with the help of a ray of light and their imagination give life back to the old Cine Libertad, an abandoned Cinema, that now its habited by many people.


Música de El Salvador

Available via streaming, digital download and CD

¡Soy Salvadoreño! Chanchona Music from Eastern El Salvador

Available via streaming, digital download and CD