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Fair Trade

Rumi Spice direct sources the highest quality spices from rural farmers and women in Afghanistan to help provide reliable wages and economic stability. The company is on a mission to create connections to the vibrant culture of the Middle East, its delicious food, and its people – showing the story of the Afghan people, so others can know the vibrancy of the region and people, not just war and strife. Rumi Spice’s mission is to create those connections and with them, peace. It is the largest private employer of women in Afghanistan. As of 2023, Rumi Spice supports 10,000 livelihoods in Afghanistan and hopes to be supporting 100,000 livelihoods within the next 5 years. Shop HERE and 10 percent of your purchase will be donated to Together Women Rise.

TisBest Philanthropy sells donation gift cards. The sender purchases a gift card for the dollar amount of their choice. The recipient spends their TisBest Charity Gift Card by donating to a charity they believe in. TisBest donates a portion of their sales to Together Women Rise.



Don’t Be Afraid, Gringo: A Honduran Woman Speaks From The Heart: The Story of Elvia Alvarado

By Elvia Alvarado

Recommended by Educate2Envision

From Amazon: Don’t be Afraid, Gringo is the award-winning oral history of Elvia Alvarado, a courageous campesina [peasant] activist in Honduras, the poorest country in Central America. Trained by the Catholic Church to organize women’s groups to combat malnutrition, Alvarado began to question why campesinos were malnourished to begin with. Her growing political awareness, her travels by foot, over the back roads of Honduras, and her conversations with people from all over the country have given her insights into the internal workings of her society that far surpass those of the majority of campesinos who have never ventured from their villages. Working as a campesino organizer, Alvarado has led dangerous land recovery actions in an effort to enforce the national land reform laws. As a result of these actions, she has been harassed, jailed, and tortured at the hands of the Honduran military.

Skillfully translated and edited by Medea Benjamin, an expert on Central America, Don’t Be Afraid, Gringo takes us into the heart of campesino struggle and political conflict in Honduras today.

Blanca Olmedo (Spanish)

By Lucila Gamero de Medina

Recommended by Educate2Envision

From E2E: A local favorite is “Blanca Olmedo” the first book written by a Honduran woman who talks about how humble people lived in the banana plantations. (Link is to the Spanish language version of this book.)


Wild Life

Learn about the extraordinary natural world of Central America.

Voz de Ángel – Recommended by Educate2Envision: “Voz de Ángel” (via YouTube) – From E2E: This short film adapts a Salvadoran short story called “Semos Malos” and is considered one of the best short films of that time.


Guillermo Anderson

Recommended by Educate2Envision

Honduras: Aqui Me Quedo “Honduras: Here I Stay”

Recommended by Educate2Envision – From E2E: “This song makes me feel very proud to be Honduran.”