Mission and Vision

Help a woman, save a girl, change the world



Self Help group of women meets in the slums of Pune.  Photo by Amit Kapadia.We envision a world where the lives of women and girls  have been transformed and extreme poverty has been reduced because Dining for Women connected people in creative, powerful ways that assure gender equality.
SkyThrough collective giving circles, Dining for Women inspires, educates and engages people to invest in grassroots programs that make a meaningful difference for women and girls living in extreme poverty in developing countries. 
Mercado GlobalIn all we do, our actions convey our deep belief in collaboration, education, inspiration, and transformation.
kisa girls2

• All women have the right to equality, dignity and security and an
opportunity to be self-sufficient.
• Ensuring gender equality is key to overcoming poverty, and
transforming families, cultures and future generations.
• Education creates awareness. Awareness develops into interest.
Interest fuels action.
• Collaboration empowers giving and transforms the giver and the
• We act with integrity and purpose.