DFW-branded PowerPoint presentations – a guide for presenters

By Marcie Christensen
DFW Education Coordinator

The Education Team has developed a slide show template we will use to offer each month’s program in a brief and consistent format, rather than requiring each grantee to develop a PowerPoint presentation. Beginning with our January Featured Program, presenters will have clearer options for sharing the month’s featured program in ways that work best for each chapter.

  • Short on time to develop or present? Show the video and the slide show, and share news from the Chapter Leader Talking Points.
  • Members want more? Add information from the Program Fact Sheet, including the history of the program and facts about the country/region.
  • Generating discussion? Food for Thought offers an in-depth, global look at one of the issues the featured program addresses.
  • Hungry for more? Many chapters enjoy preparing food from the provided recipes, learning about customs, and discovering books, films, and music.

The following materials are produced each month:

  • Video: Lost your Program DVD? DVD’s can be played from YouTube or  you may purchase a replacement 
  • PowerPoint Presentation: A brief presentation about the program – who it serves, how it serves, and what our grant provides
  • Chapter Leader Talking Points: National DFW news to share, meeting ideas and more
  • Program Fact Sheet: Detailed description of the program, the issues it addresses and how DFW funds will be used
  • Food for Thought: An in-depth look at the issues worldwide
  • Recipes, Customs and Cuisine: From the program country
  • Shop! Read! Watch! Listen!: Fair trade items, books, films and music from and about the country featured this month