DFW PSA running on CBS Superscreen in Times Square

Marsha Wallace, DFW Founder, in front of our video in Times Square

Marsha Wallace, DFW Co-Founder, in front of our video in Times Square

By Laura Haight
DFW Communications Director

A 10-second public service announcement for Dining for Women is now appearing on the CBS Superscreen in Times Square.

The video, which will run through Jan. 4, focuses on the future for women that Dining for Women works to secure – strong women, who are skilled and able to support healthy and happy families with hope for a better world for their daughters to grow up in. 
The aptly named Superscreen is 26 ft wide and 20 feet high and sits under the CBS logo on 42nd St., between 7th and 8th Avenue. The opportunity was made possible by Neutron Media, a media organization that manages sales of screen time for CBS and produces the videos.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reach 1.5 million people a day with our message of empowering women and girls and, through that, changing the world,” said Executive Director Jamye Cooper. “We are especially fortunate that our message will be seen by the millions more who will gather in the city for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the holiday shopping season and New Year’s Eve.”

“It was amazing!” said Dining for Women co-founder Marsha Wallace, who was in New York City for meetings and saw the spot – all 520 sq feet of it. “Gazing up at the enormous ad in Times Square, I felt overwhelming gratitude and hope. I am grateful that our name will be seen by so many people, and hopeful that it will result, in more funding for the grassroots programs we support.”