DFW Recipe Curator Plans to Retire

Dining for Women started with a meal.

Even as the organization has grown, food has retained a special place at the center of our chapters. Sharing a meal means sharing time, conversation, and a bit of ourselves. DFW member Linda McElroy has helped spur that connection by encouraging creativity in the kitchen and a fresh look at international cuisine during her time as DFW’s Recipe Curator.

Linda is stepping down after five years of service in that position but she remains committed to DFW and its programs. She first learned of DFW from a segment on NBC Nightly News. “My husband and I were watching and he said, ‘You have to do that,’ and I said, ‘I know,’” McElroy said. “I applied for a chapter right after that.”

McElroy leads the WA, Seattle-5 chapter and is also a Seattle-area mentor for DFW. She enjoys visiting a variety of chapters in her area. She said the specificity of the help provided by DFW to its grantees has been meaningful to her.

“When you look at the materials and read about the people you’re helping, I find it fascinating that this money will help 250 girls,” she said. “It’s not vague. I am actually helping girls in a village in Kenya. It feels more personal.”

McElroy saw a DFW call for a recipe curator and knew it was a good fit. “I immediately got excited about it,” she said. “I was recently retired. My husband and I owned a restaurant for 25 years.”

The service has been an opportunity for McElroy to experiment and learn about new foods, while providing an enormous benefit to DFW.

“I love researching recipes,” she said. “There was this whole world of different foods that I was ready to explore. I had never done anything like this before. This group trusted me to go for it. That first year, I was finding my way. I’ve just loved doing it.”