Four People and a Bottle of Wine

One of the reasons I love living in South Carolina is the friendly people; they are so darn amiable and curious. If you are waiting in line at the grocery store, you’ll learn exactly what the lady in front of you is cooking for her family dinner, which child likes chicken, and which one doesn’t like chocolate. She’ll want to know where you are from and if you live nearby. You can just imagine what the conversation is like when you go to get a mammogram!

Last week, I went to Greenville’s mammogram center for my checkup around 6 pm and I was wet from rain. The nurse took me to the changing room, explained how to wear the gown, and noticed that I was wearing my DFW Ambassador button on my blazer. She got a little closer to it and said, in her beautiful Southern accent, “What in the world does your button mean?”

“Well,” I said, sounding a little Southern myself, “All you need is about four friends and a bottle of wine. We teach you about women and girls in other parts of the world, and then you give what you can to Dining for Women. We gather your money up with other money and send grants to empower women in places like Kenya, Nepal, and Peru.”

She nodded her head a little and said, “Giiiiiirrrrrlllll, throw in some biscuits and I’ll be there!”

Then, OF COURSE, I followed up, and am helping her start a chapter.

Outside of the South, DFW members are the friendliest people I know. You also love DFW. Can you strike up a conversation at yoga? At the pool? At a party? It really only takes four people and a bottle of wine. And for some, throw in some biscuits!

Please email me about how you brought someone in to start a chapter – I would love to hear your story!