Name Change

At a special International Women’s Day event on March 6th, we unveiled our new name, logo, and tagline.

Together Women Rise is about women and allies coming together all over the world, from all backgrounds and communities, to achieve global gender equality.

Our new name, logo, and tagline are aligned to create a fresh, modern look for our organization — one that is inviting and inclusive to all and tells the world exactly why we exist and what we aim to accomplish.

Together is front and center because our community is strong: gathering together in our chapters and working together with you, our grantees, lies at the root of our impact. Women, because global gender equality is our guiding star; Rise, because we envision a world where all women and girls around the world can reach their full potential and become powerful agents of change to build a stronger, more sustainable, and peaceful world.

Within our new logo, you can see an interpretation of women coming together around a center circle — which can be viewed as the world, a giving circle like our chapters, and even a reminder of the plate in our past logo. These women – standing strong with their hands raised high – represent our powerful, global community.

The tagline “Collective Action for Global Gender Equality” centers our mission as well as how we aim to get there. Together Women Rise is about collective action: we harness the power of coming together to make a difference. Our new tagline serves as an invitation for others to join our global movement of people working together to drive change in the world.

Our new name, tagline, and logo are designed to better describe the important work we are already doing. We have long focused on uplifting women and girls in low-income countries and helping them to pursue their dreams, reach their goals, and better their communities, and this will continue.

Together, we have accomplished a great deal over the years. We believe our new name and look honors our organization’s past, highlights our powerful community and the impact we have on women and girls globally, and sets us up for even greater impact in the future.


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