Project Title: ASSET: Allied Solutions for Sustainable Education & Trust, Inc

Location: Uganda

Grant Amount: $45,000 - Over Two Years

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Leadership Development

Mission of ASSET
ASSET’s mission is to provide higher education scholarships and mentoring to disadvantaged college-level students in Uganda who demonstrate real potential for success.

There are currently significant shortages of Ugandan women who have completed higher education and who are prepared to serve as leaders and advocates for the girls and women who will follow.

ASSET recruits and supports Ugandan young women to attend universities, partnering with communities and universities to select, enroll and support promising women to complete higher education.

ASSET also partners with local organizations to provide supplementary training, mentoring, and career counseling to enhance each woman's potential to become a successful student, worker, role model, and future leader.

Partial funding for university scholarships comes from ASSET’s Bead 2 Read program which provides workshops to improve the business skills of jewelry-making artisans and provide access to markets. Artisans also gain income to support their own families.

DFW’s grant of $45,000 over two years will provide two years of university scholarships to educate 20 young Ugandan women along with leadership and career training. Partial funding will support Ugandan administrative staff and facilities. Our grant will also enhance the Bead 2 Read program by providing training and support to improve the business and entrepreneurship skills of the artisans.

Why We Love This
We love the opportunity to build a core of women leaders for the future of Uganda, through education, career development, and mentorship. We believe that programs like ASSET provide deep and transformational support for women to complete higher education, guiding them through challenges during their university years.

We are ensuring money is used effectively because tuition money goes directly to universities; ASSET’s staff meets regularly with women’s professors, and scholarship recipients have to maintain a 3.0 GPA stay in the program. Graduates of ASSET’s scholarship program have gone into a variety of jobs and internships, including banking and finance.


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