Catalyst Foundation: Featured (2014), Sustained (2019-2021)

Project Title: Health and Hygiene Program

Location: Ninh Thuận Province, Vietnam

Project Summary: Catalyst has had a holistic approach to serving the needs of the Raglai community in Vietnam in order to reduce poverty and reduce risks of human trafficking that the community faces. Since their initial Featured Grant in January 2014, they have built schools, provided economic empowerment to the local women, and secured legal identity and residence papers for the entire community. They continue to focus on their core programs of primary education for children, community and health education for mothers, vocational training and microloans to develop self-reliance across the community.

The purpose of DFW’s Sustained Grant is to empower women and girls with dignity and health; provide families with daily access to safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene; reduce occurrence of preventable disease, offer quality medical care; and provide multi-generation health and hygiene education. Project goals include

  • Install a four-tank water filtration system that will be effective, cost-efficient, and simple enough for locals to replicate with existing materials
  • Build a low-cost, high-quality toilet/bathroom/outhouse at each home in the community and train a local team of women to install and maintain toilets
  • Develop multi-generation community education lessons on safe hygiene, menstruation, and overall proper sanitation. Provide annual medical and dental care. Collect annual measurements

Impact: This project will have a direct impact on 140 women and 96 girls and will indirectly impact 224 members of the community.

Why we love this project: We love this project’s focus on health and hygiene to combat the chronic malnutrition prevalent in this community. Chronic malnutrition has long-term impacts on infants, children, and adults, especially pregnant and lactating women. By building the health infrastructure, health education, and quality medical care, Catalyst hopes to make major inroads into the long-term health and well-being of this community.

Sustainable Development Goals:



2014 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Holistic Community Development

Location: Vietnam

Grant Amount: $36,000

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy

Mission of Catalyst Foundation: Featured (2014), Sustained (2019-2021)
"Catalyst Foundation’s mission is to support community building in Vietnam to fight human trafficking. Centered on a holistic approach, we are a humanitarian organization that provides community programs which address basic needs, job opportunities, counseling and education to prevent the trafficking of women and girls."

Dining for Women will help support Catalyst's Holistic Community Development Program that educates women about human trafficking, provides vocational training to promote self-sufficiency, and protects their daughters from trafficking. Catalyst offers protection, counseling, education and vocational training to support this vulnerable community in fighting human trafficking.

Why We Love This
The Catalyst Foundation works with the ethnical minority Raglai community. The Raglai, one of the poorest and smallest ethnic groups in Vietnam, is a matriarchal community, where children take their mother's name and where in the past women have been landowners. Because of their culture they are discriminated against, live in poverty and are vulnerable to Human Trafficking. Through their holistic efforts, the Catalyst Foundation has reduced the number of women and girls working as trash pickers, and being trafficked.


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