Center for Development in Central America

Project Title: Center for Development in Central America

Location: Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

Additional Information

This program was funded twice: In 2006 for $4600 and in 2007 for $7,183.


Grant Amount: $4,600

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Areas of Impact: Agriculture, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability

Mission of Center for Development in Central America
To address human needs created by poverty in the Western Hemisphere's second poorest nation by helping communities to become self-sufficient, democratic entities and by working with Nicaraguan communities to help them realize their own goals, rather than bringing in ready-made solutions.

Project Summary
The Center for Development in Central America (CDCA) works with the elected leadership in Nicaragua, focusing in the municipality of Ciudad Sandino, to help the impoverished by implementing projects in community development, sustainable agriculture, health, cooperative development, appropriate technology, micro enterprise endeavors, and education. CDCA will use DFW’s donations to help the Women’s Sewing Cooperative, the Fair Trade Zone in Ciudad Sandino.
Center for Development in Central America 2007

Why We Love This Project
The Fair Trade Zone in Ciudad Sandino was the first worker-owned free trade zone in the world. The cooperative sews organic and fair-trade cotton clothing for export to the U.S. and Europe. At the Zone, workers receive fair wages, benefits, and good working conditions. With help from CDCA, the cooperative has grown from 12 to around 65 women. Their minimum wage is now 113 percent of the minimum wage in Nicaraguan sweatshops, and sales for the 05-06 fiscal year increased 40 percent more than the previous year.

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