Project Title: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Gender-based Violence (GBV) Treatment Program for 140 women in the Guatemala City garbage dump community

Location: Guatemala

Grant Amount: $25,020

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Creamos
Creamos creates opportunities for women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump (GCGD) through an inclusive approach to lifelong financial, emotional, and physical stability.

The purpose of the project is to implement a treatment program for women in the community surrounding the GCGD who have been involved in physically, sexually, emotionally, and economically abusive relationships.

Why We Love This
Creamos addresses the structural gender inequalities that underlie the high rates of intimate partner violence and femicide (the intentional murder of women because they are women) in Guatemala. The introduction of a therapeutic and psychoeducational treatment program will provide women in abusive relationships with some of the tools, resources and support necessary to begin to address their circumstances. The financial literacy programs offer women alternative options of financial independence, confidence, and a sense of self-efficacy to support their families.


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