Creating Hope International. Afghan Institute of Learning

Project Title: Creating Hope International: Afghan Institute of Learning

Location: Afghanistan

Grant Amount: $15,245.01

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Health

Mission of Creating Hope International. Afghan Institute of Learning
To provide education and health assistance to the people in the world with the greatest needs with the goal of empowering the recipients to ultimately be able to meet their own needs.

Creating Hope International (CHI) empowers Afghans through health and educational services, community building, and culturally sensitive programs. They work at the grass roots level, responding to community needs, fostering community participation, and empowering people through culturally sensitive education and training. CHI has partnered with the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) to improve the health and education of Afghan women and children. Our Dining for Women (DFW) donations will directly support health services and health education for the rural Afghan females that come to ALI's health clinics in Herat, Afghanistan.

Why We Love This
In the wake of natural or human-made disasters, such as the thirty years of war and civil strife in Afghanistan, everyday people struggle to obtain those things which are often taken for granted: food, shelter, health care, employment and education. AIL believes that educated people are the key to a future, developed Afghanistan. With that in mind, AIL works to empower all Afghans who are needy and oppressed by expanding their educational and health opportunities and by fostering self-reliance and community participation. AIL is now one of the largest Afghan women-led NGOs and provides health and education services to 350,000 women and children annually and employees approximately 480 people, over 70% of whom are Afghanistan women. So what better place to send DFW's resources than an organization where female leaders create hope through health and education services.

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