Friendship Bridge: Featured (2006), Sustained (2013-2015)

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Sustained Program Information

Friendship Bridge’s mission is to provide microcredit and education to Guatemalan women so that they can create their own solutions to poverty for themselves, their families and their communities. Through their Microcredit Plus program – which combines small loans averaging $250 for four-to-twelve month loan terms and participatory education – women start, expand or diversify their businesses and learn practical, applicable lessons on everyday topics including business, health and self-esteem. Based on direct feedback from clients, Friendship Bridge has been redesigning their non-formal education program and developing an advanced education and technical training program for their microcredit clients. With sustained funding of $45,000 over 3 years from Dining for Women, we will support 275 women as direct beneficiaries of this new program. Friendship Bridge Sustained Program Fact Sheet



2006 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Friendship Bridge

Location: Guatemala

Additional Information

February 2006 and selected as a Sustained Program for 2013-2015

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Economic Sustainability, Education & Literacy

Mission of Friendship Bridge: Featured (2006), Sustained (2013-2015)
To provide microcredit and education to help women and their families create their own solutions to poverty.

Friendship Bridge provides microcredit and educational programs in Guatemala and Vietnam. Their programs have a unique blend of the short-term economic development needs of women through access to credit and education and the long-term goal of breaking the general cycle of poverty by providing educational opportunities for their children. DFW’s gift will support women and children in Guatamala, where Friendship Bridge has a microcredit loan program for female entrepreneurs and a Children’s Education Scholarship program for the women’s children.

Why We Love This
Friendship Bridge has always listened and tried to respond to the needs of those it serves. They have consistently elicited the needs of others and responded with compassion and programs that work. Their mission enumerates several beliefs that DFW, too, holds and that call for our collect support, including: effective programs are created through listening; women are leaders for (of) change in their families and communities, health education enhances personal, family, and community well-being; education for women and children is an important tool for development; and microcredit helps impoverished women reach economic independence.

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