Haitian Health Foundation

Project Title: Haitian Health Foundation

Location: Haiti

Grant Amount: $24,017

Grantee Website: www.haitianhealthfoundation.org

Areas of Impact: Health

Mission of Haitian Health Foundation
To improve the health and well-being of the poor, the sick, and the infirm of Jérémie and to break the bonds of poverty, which tie so many Haitians to a life of great deprivation.

The Haitian Health Foundation (HHV) aims to provide health care, economic development, nutrition, self-help, education, and empowerment to the population of rural southern Haiti, with a concentration on maternal health and child survival. DFW's donations will support programs directly benefitting impoverished women in the rural mountains of southwest Haiti; specifically, Adopt a Village, Give a Goat, and the Center of Hope.

Why We Love This
HHF’s main facilities are located in Jérémie, Haiti, in the western end of Haiti—where people depend on subsistence farming, charcoal production, and other menial jobs for their livelihood. In some Hatian villages, families crushed into hovels of banana leaves and thatch, shacks unsuitable for human habitation, and are an 18 hour walk to health care. But HHF helps to bring health care and education to Jeremie, rural village of between 2,000-3,000 people. In addition to the city of Jérémie, HHF provides support to over 100 rural mountain villages. DFW will support the Center of Hope facility, which gives woman transportation from her village in the HHF ambulance, food and medicine while she is at the Center, and birthing support - including a birthing kit full of sterile supplies. HHF estimates for every $500 donated, a woman and her baby’s life are saved, thus DFW will save at least 10 women. Also, DFW “adopted” Village in the rural mountains, with a female Health Agent and provide 33 to women in our adopted village.

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