Little Sisters Fund

Project Title: Banke and Dang Expansion (School Scholarship Program)

Location: Nepal

Grant Amount: $40,000

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Leadership Development, Safety and Security

Mission of Little Sisters Fund
To provide hardworking, intelligent, and financially disadvantaged South Asian girls the opportunity to obtain an education in the face of adverse conditions such as extreme poverty, deprivation or social prejudices.

Through the provision of school scholarships and holistic support encompassing health, mentoring and awareness raising, the proposed grant will combat child trafficking for the sex trade, exploitative child labor, child marriage and lack education for economically disadvantaged and marginalized girls in the districts of Banke and Dang, Nepal.

The proposed funds will directly support 100 girls and 50 teachers in the two years of the project duration, and indirectly impact more than 1,500 students and community members. While the funds would support the education costs of 100 girls for each of two years, Little Sisters Fund always commits to funding the full education of any girl who enters the program provided she earns basic passing marks and meets attendance requirements.

Dining for Women's funding will support:
• Tuition and fees for the school scholarship program
• Uniforms and supplies: Girls receive two uniforms in their first year of support and one in each subsequent year. Supplies include: backpack, notebooks, dictionary, an umbrella, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, nail clippers, pencils, a pen, colored pencils and geometry tools as grade-appropriate.
• Books: Covers textbook and exam preparation book costs.
• School Coordinator: Each mentor will provide mentoring, monitoring, and support to approximately 25 girls. Dining for Women funds will support three SCs.
• Support for additional programs:
o Primary Educator Training
o Preventative and Emergency Healthcare: Through this program, girls receive basic education on health and sanitation topics (e.g. hand washing, menstruation and puberty, etc.), as well as preventative care such as regular deworming medication and multi-vitamins. The Little Sisters Fund also supports emergency issues such as treatment for a broken bone.
o Counseling and Awareness Raising: In monthly sessions girls learn about and discuss issues such as child marriage, human trafficking and dangers to watch for, and the importance of education.

Why We Love This
We love the focus of Little Sisters committing to health, education and mentoring over the long term for the individual student. Involving the alumni to get involved offers opportunities to pay it forward.


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