Nepal Teacher Training Innovation

Project Title: Her Turn – Girls Education and Empowerment Project

Location: Nepal

Grant Amount: $48,369 - Over Two Years

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy

Mission of Nepal Teacher Training Innovation
Nepal Teacher Training Innovation’s (NTTI) main mission is to improve the quality of teaching in Nepal by encouraging creativity and critical thinking in Nepali classrooms. In addition to teacher training, NTTI is also offering empowerment workshops for girls.

Dining for Women is supporting an NTTI project called "Her Turn – Girls Education and Empowerment Project". The project objective is to help Nepali girls from Sindhupalchok District become educated, empowered, and equal through a process that emphasizes team building, sisterhood, inclusion, and consensus.Practicing Public Speaking

Girl-centered, interactive workshops deal with issues pertaining to health, nutrition, puberty, safety, leadership skills and self-advocacy. The program targets girls ages 10-14 who live in communities with especially high rates of attrition and human trafficking.

Her Turn has a strong self-advocacy component as girls are required to identify issues that make life difficult for the women and girls in their communities and to plan and execute a project to address this need. Her Turn girls, in collaboration with other women from the community, form a standing committee that becomes a resource for girls in that area who are at risk or in crisis.

Why We Love This
We love the fact that this program works with many different ethnic groups (including the "untouchables") to build bridges and understanding between the groups by focusing on inter-group relationships, consensus, leadership, and the sense of sisterhood that results.


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