Nepal Youth Foundation: Featured (2012), Sustained (2016-2018)

Project Title: Vocational Training for Freed Kamlaris

Project Summary: To provide vocational skills to 90 freed Kamlaris so that they can support themselves and their families.

Project Objectives: The proposed project will increase the employability and help end the poverty of the girls freed from Kamlari system of indentured servitude in Western Nepal.

Direct Reach: 90 girls (30 each year)

Grant pays for: 

  • Orientation/Candidates selection
  • Vocational Training
  • Business Development Training and Seed money
  • Management Costs

Why we love this project: The primary goal of the project is to enhance the economic condition of the freed Kamlaris and empower these girls so that they are enabled to support themselves and their families. This will be done through teaching vocational skills to the girls and helping them become gainfully employed.  This training allows the girls to make their own choices and shape their own destinies.



2012 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Indentured Daughters Program

Location: Nepal

Grant Amount: $47,177

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Safety and Security

Mission of Nepal Youth Foundation: Featured (2012), Sustained (2016-2018)
Indentured Daughters Program (IDP) is an innovative program that is helping to successfully eradicate the centuries-old custom of “Kamlari,” or selling young girls from impoverished families into bonded servitude. More than 11,000 girls have been rescued by NYF from indentured service and empowered through education, vocational training, and leadership development.

Dining for Women will donate $43,043 to NYF towards their Indentured Daughters Program to help eradicate the selling of young girls into bonded servitude to promote gender equality and empower women in Nepal.

Why We Love This
NYF helps families keep their daughters at home and in school. The FKDF program is a natural outgrowth of indentured daughters being successfully rescued and subsequently educated. These girls have evolved from powerless victims to empowered community leaders that are changing the way Nepal thinks about women.

With financial support from DFW, and under the auspices of the NYF, the young women of the IDP/FKDF have the goal of eventually taking over rescue of other Kamlari, managing the implementation of future community outreach awareness activities, and creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.

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