One Heart World-Wide: Featured (2013), Sustained (2015-2017)

Sustained Funding

Program Title: Training Community Outreach Providers to Increase Access to Safe Births in two remote rural areas of Nepal.

Objectives: The Primary outcomes are training Community Health Workers to be the first responders for maternal and child health.  Training will focus on:

  • Birth Preparedness Package (BPP)
  • Community Based Newborn Care (CBNCP)
  • The Infection Prevention Package (IP)
  • Community Outreach Program

Grant will fund: Stipends for the 600 Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs). This includes both the original training and a refresher training the following year.

Direct Reach: 600 works to be trained

Indirect Reach: 24,645 women and girls could be served.



2013 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: One Heart World-Wide

Location: Nepal

Grant Amount: $50,000

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Health

Mission of One Heart World-Wide: Featured (2013), Sustained (2015-2017)
One Heart World-Wide's mission is to decrease maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in remote rural areas of the world.

Project Summary
One Heart World-Wide is creating a “Network of Safety” to improve the lives of women and newborns during pregnancy and childbirth in two remote rural areas of Western Nepal. The Network of Safety includes health provider training, health facility improvements, and community outreach programs to ensure that pregnant women and their newborns have access to necessary care. This successful program provides community educational visits, vitamin supplements, birthing kits, and cell phones for emergency labor situations. DFW’s grant of $50,000 will continue the Network of Safety program by helping to fund four master trainers' salaries and benefits for one year, training expenses and supplies for 800 trainees, and 2,000 birthing kits which include gloves, plastic sheeting, razor blade, string, soap.

Why We Love This Project
We love this program because childbirth in remote areas is life threatening to both the baby and the mother. One Heart World-Wide’s Network of Safety program has already saved thousands of mothers' and babies' lives in Tibet, partially through DFW’s three previous grants, totaling $31,712 over three years. In Nepal’s Baglung District, fewer than 19 percent of all births take place with the assistance of a skilled birth attendant and that falls to fewer than 5 percent in Dolpa District. We love the community-focused approach, fostering community empowerment and engagement of paid and volunteer health workers.


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