Prevention International: Featured (2011), Sustained (2013-2015)

“Because of DFW’s generous donors, PINCC has empowered a network of doctors and nurses who were overwhelmed with the task of screening and preventing cervical cancer, despite having a Pap system available in their public health centers. By teaching a cost- and time-efficient, single-visit method of finding and eliminating the cancer in its pre-invasive stages, we gave them the tools to save thousands of lives. We wish each of you could see the relief and gratitude in women’s faces as they leave knowing they are safe from this terrible disease. If you could see the pride and joy of the medical staff, who now have the tools to help their communities, you would know how important DFW’s contribution is. Your caring has made such a difference for the women and families of El Salvador!” PINCC has succeeded more than they had hoped in El Salvador. Cooperation with Ministry of Health (MINSA) doctors in implementing the Train the Trainer program resulted in over 60 medical staff being trained by the end of 2011! The Train the Trainer program is highly effective and in high demand. The cervical cancer treatment hospital in San Salvador has reported a decreasing number of advanced cervical cancer cases by the end of 2012. Read more in the Interim Report and the Final Report. Note: All of PINCC’s employees, the Executive Director, and Development Director reflect their commitment to women’s empowerment and diversity, as they are all women, of diverse ethnic origins, ages and sexual orientations. Its Board of Directors is the same, consisting of 10 women and 2 men.



2011 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer

Location: El Salvador

Grant Amount: $36,698

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Health

Mission of Prevention International: Featured (2011), Sustained (2013-2015)
PINCC is a non-profit, volunteer medical service organization whose mission is to create sustainable programs that prevent cervical cancer. We do this by educating and treating women, training medical personnel, and equipping facilities in developing countries, utilizing proven, low cost, low technology methods.

Enable physicians to run sustainable cervical cancer screening and treatment clinics in El Salvador.

PINCC is requesting $32,000 from Dining for Women to support their efforts in El Salvador for their 2011 campaign on cervical cancer prevention. PINCC anticipates training 21 doctors and 20 nurses. They project that each trained practitioner will screen about 200 to 300 women per year, and about 12% of these will need treatment or follow-up. In their three-clinic area, they estimate an annual capacity impact of between 9,000-10,000 women for screening and treatment upon completion of the project.


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