Visions Global Empowerment

Project Title: Visions Global Empowerment

Location: Ethiopia

Grant Amount: $46,728

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Gender Equality

Mission of Visions Global Empowerment
To change patterns of inequality by supporting educational initiatives for youth affected by poverty, conflict, and disability.

To provide meaningful educational support, mentorship, human rights & advocacy training, and livelihoods development assistance to highly marginalized deaf women and girls in Ethiopia with the aim of enabling them to lead educated, self-sufficient, socially active, and healthy lives.

Why We Love This
We love the focus on skills training for a marginalized population who suffer from a disability. The human rights advocacy activities are focused on bringing about awareness and ensuring the inclusion and empowerment of deaf girls and women.

Location Map

How DFW’s grant will be used

  • Livelihoods Development: To provide vital vocational training opportunities and livelihoods development assistance to 40 deaf women in Addis Ababa (20) and Bahir Dar (20) with the goal of ensuring each has a job or trade by the end of the program that promotes independent living and economic independence.
  • Mentoring & Support: To provide regular mentoring support, counseling, life skills training, and formal Ethiopian Sign Language training for all participants.
  • Human Rights Trainings: To conduct two training programs on human rights (including women’s rights and disabled persons rights), advocacy, and community organizing in partnership with local organizations.
  • Advocacy Materials: To create printed (including posters, newsletters, brochures, etc.) and multimedia (including short films) public awareness materials about deafness and deaf-related issues.
  • Community Education: To conduct regular (at least 12) community education and awareness-raising trainings for teachers, parents, deaf individuals and their families, physicians/medical students/health workers, and general community members about deafness, human rights, and deaf-related issues.
  • Capacity Building: Through all of the above activities, to help build the capacity of local women’s and disabled persons organizations actively engaged in serving, organizing, and empowering deaf women and girls.