Women’s International Network For Guatemala Solutions (WINGS)

Project Title: Reproductive Healthcare Expansion to Guatemala’s Western Highlands

Location: Guatemala

Grant Amount: $50,000 (over two years)

Grantee Website: www.wingsguate.org/

Areas of Impact: Gender Equality, Health

Mission of Women’s International Network For Guatemala Solutions (WINGS)
WINGS provides quality reproductive health education and services to underserved, primarily rural Guatemalan youth, women, and men.

This project involves the expansion of WINGS’ reproductive health services to three new departments, directly impacting 1,150 individuals annually. WINGS provides contraception and reproductive health education in hard-to reach villages where population growth, poverty, and malnutrition keep families in a constant state of struggle.

Why We Love This
We love WINGS’ outreach to marginalized, isolated communities in Guatemala offering education, training, and services on sexual and reproductive health.


Location Map