Guatemalan Dark Chocolate Crepes with Dulce de Leche

Serves     Makes 20 to 25 6-inch crepes


Recipe by Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

Amalia says that crepes are not a traditional Guatemalan dessert, but they are popular in Guatemala City. Two Guatemalan ingredients, dark chocolate and dulce de leche, work deliciously with crepes in contrast with the berries and mint.

I’ve tested this recipe using readily available unsweetened cocoa powder, just in case you’re not able to get your hands on some Guatemalan chocolate. Amalia says that the Mexican chocolate sold under the name Ibarra (in the yellow box) would be the closest substitute. See notes at the bottom of the recipe on options for making the dark chocolate milk used in the crepe batter. Guatemalan and Mexican chocolate have sugar added to it so that’s why you won’t see sugar added to the recipe.



Quick Dulce de Leche (Dulce de Leche Rápido)
1 14-ounce can condensed milk
1 14-ounce can evaporated milk
1 stick canela (Ceylon cinnamon)
1 vanilla bean, split in half lengthwise (or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract)


Crepe mix (Mezcla para Crepas)
1 1/2 cups dark chocolate milk (see Amalia’s note)
3 large eggs
2 1/2 ounces (5 tablespoons) water
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
High-heat cooking spray


Adorno (Garnish)
Chocolate sauce
Mint sprigs


Mix all the dulce de leche ingredients in a pan and cook slowly over medium-low heat until the mixture is medium brown and thick, about 1 hour. During the cooking time, stir frequently to keep it from sticking to the pan. When the mixture is ready, let it cool.

Combine all the crepe mix ingredients in a blender in the order listed. Allow the batter to rest for 10 minutes to get rid of any air bubbles. It’s worth pulling your blender out for this as it will give you lump free batter. Alternatively, whisk all the ingredients in a bowl by hand.

Heat a crepe pan or small nonstick skillet and keep it at medium-low heat. Spray it with cooking spray before about every third crepe. Pour about 2 tablespoons of the batter on the skillet to make uniform crepes and swirl the batter around quickly to fully coat the skillet with a thin layer. (Linda’s note: I found that if you ladle the batter on one side of the skillet, instead of right in the middle, it is easier to swirl the batter over to the other side of the skillet. Whatever you do, don’t try and push the batter around with your ladle, as it will make a giant hole in your crepe!)

Cook each crepe until matte or until edges loosen, about 30 to 45 seconds on each side. Crepes should be thin and flexible. It may take a couple of crepes to get the hang of it.

Fill the crepes with dulce de leche and roll them or make triangle shapes.

Serve the crepes garnished with chocolate sauce, raspberries and mint sprigs.


Amalia’s Note
To make dark chocolate milk: In a saucepan, combine 1 1/3 cups of skim milk with 4 ounces of Guatemalan dark chocolate. Bring to a quick boil, lower the heat, and simmer uncovered until the chocolate is fully dissolved. Keep a close eye, as milk will foam and boil over. Chill before serving.


Linda’s Note

If you can’t find Guatemalan dark chocolate, you can substitute ½ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and 4 tablespoons of sugar, add to the milk, and simmer until the cocoa powder is fully dissolved.


Notes and Instructions

Recipe contribution: Linda McElroy, lightly adapted

Recipe and photo credit with permission: Amalia Moreno-Damgaard