Slab Mouan Kroeung (Spiced Chicken Wings)


3T sliced lemongrass (always only use the inner, more tender part)
5 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
1 medium shallot, coarsely chopped
1T galangal (there is no substitute – if you can’t find it, skip it), peeled and coarsely
½ t paprika
¼ t turmeric
¼ c smooth peanut buIer, any kind
2T fish sauce
3T sugar
½ t salt
¼ ‐ ½ c hot water
1 thai chili pepper or jalapeno, or hot sauce or cayenne, optional for heat
2 – 2 ½ lb. chicken wings


Puree all paste ingredients together thoroughly, using Cuisinart or blender.

Place chicken wings in large plastic Ziploc bag and add paste.

Close bag securely and smoosh the paste around the chicken to distribute well.

Place in a bowl (just to be safe against leaks) in the refrigerator and marinate at least 4 hours or up to 10 hours.
Preheat grill or broiler. If using broiler cook about 4 ‐ 5 inches from heat and watch carefully as the sugar
in the marinade will make the wings burn easily. Broil (or grill over indirect, medium heat) for about 20
minutes, turning several times to facilitate even cooking.

Serve hot.



Notes and Instructions

Cambodian chicken wings!!! YUM! These are easy and delicious, and not spicy. If you like your wings spicy, add a fresh hot pepper, hot sauce (I recommend Tabasco Chipotle – hot and has a nice smoky flavor) or some cayenne. The recipe offered deep‐frying as an option for these and if you are comfortable with that, feel free to cook 10‐12 minutes in 350 degree oil. Otherwise, grill, as they would do in Cambodia, or broil.

NOTE: Allow 5me for these to marinate at least 4 hours. Serves 6 as an appetizer


Recipe adapted from “The Elephant Walk Cookbook,” by Longteine De Monteiro and Katherine Neustadt

Photo credit: Spicy Wings by Isaac Wedin  via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic