Tortilla Soup


2‐3 cloves of garlic
½ small onion
6‐7 plum tomatoes roasted( or 3‐4 large tomatoes)
1 roasted dried chile guajillo (or use ½ if prefer less spicy)
1 roasted dried chile pasilla ( or use ½ less spicy)
1 sprig of epazote ( can be led out if not available)
10 tortillas cut in strips and fried
1 liter of chicken broth


To serve with soup:

100 grams of panela cheese cut in small pieces (can be substituted for another white
cheese if not available)
1 avocado cut in small cubes
Chile pasilla cut in small pieces and fried according to taste
Place the chiles, tomatoes, onions and garlic ( the garlic should have the skin so it doesn’t burn) on a comal to roast (This can also be done in the oven at high heat or directly on a open flame). When blackened, peel the tomatoes and chiles. Then put the roasted chiles, tomatoes, onion and the peeled garlic in the blender and puree.

In a big pot, put a spoonful of oil and then when hot, add the puree from the blender. You can also strain the puree if you like before adding it to the pot. Season with salt. After a couple of minutes add the chicken broth and the epazote. Bring to a boil and cook another 10 minutes or so.

Fry the tortilla strips in hot oil.

Do not add the tortilla strips until ready to serve. At the table, place the cheese, avocado and the fried
chile pasilla if desired.


Notes and Instructions