Watermelon Slushies


3c watermelon, seeded and cut into about ¾ ‐inch chunks, frozen
½ c orange juice
2T fresh lime juice
½ c light rum, or to taste (optional, recommended)
Sugar to taste (optional)


Place all ingredients into blender or food processor (you may have to make it in batches). Puree  thoroughly, stopping periodically to scrape down any wayward chunks. Sometimes we also add a little Sprite or seltzer to give it a little fizz. Serve ice cold and be prepared for your guests to ask for more!

Notes and Instructions

Pureed fruit drinks, called “squashes”, are very popular in Tanzania. This recipe is for a drink that is something like a frozen watermelon daiquiri, if you choose to add the rum. It is almost as good if you don’t. Because there is no ice in it it doesn’t get watered down. Watermelons are just about ready to come in from the garden, and we are anxiously awaiting our first batch of the season of this very refreshing and
festive summer beverage. We freeze lots of watermelon cubes and have these through the warm days of fall. Serves 6, more or less

NOTE: Allow at least 2 hours to freeze the chunks of watermelon before starting