Your Next Chapter Meeting – Reflecting on the Past Year 

As we wrap up 2022, we invite you to share a few major Together Women Rise moments with your chapter members at your meeting in January. Here is a list of select 2022 accomplishments (by the numbers) as well as a few questions for you to research and discuss with your members. These questions are meant to jog your memory on the many things we have done this year and how we have connected. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize what we have accomplished as an organization and in your individual chapters. Just like the eight days of Chanukah, or the 12 days of Christmas, here are our ten Reasons to Rise!  

  1. Grantee Funding – Together Women Rise funded our usual 12 Featured Grantees in 2022, along with one extra! Do you remember each of the grantees? Which one was your chapter’s favorite?  
  2. Chapter Meetings – Around dinner tables in  homes, in local public parks, or at your faith community, we gathered together. How many meetings did your chapter host this year?  
  3. Chapter Members – With over 5,000 members, and frequent guests, we welcomed many to join us at meetings. How many new people came to your chapter’s meetings this year?  
  4. Meals and Recipes – Did your chapter share any meals together this year? Did you try any Proven Platter recipes, and if so, which one was your favorite?  
  5. Countries Visited – We learned about 10 different countries through our featured grantees. Did your chapter members visit any international destinations this year? 
  6. Books Read – We hosted four book club events this year. Did your members attend any? How many books did you collectively read this year? 
  7. Sharing the Load – It takes a village to run chapter meetings! How many members helped with hosting duties, presentations, or planning your meetings this year? 
  8. Fundraising How much money did your chapter raise this year? How many of your members have set up recurring donations? You can find this information in your monthly chapter reports. 
  9. Special Events – We came together from all over the country for special occasions like International Women’s Day and our National Chapter Leader Event. Did your chapter do anything special this year?  
  10. A Vision for the Future – In 2022 we launched our new Transformation Partnerships to commit to more long-term systemic change in women’s equality around the world. What has your chapter planned for the future?  

We hope you think about the answers to these questions and share them with your chapter at your next meeting. It’s always important to take time and reflect on everything we have accomplished in a year, and we are so impressed with all you have done for Together Women Rise in 2022. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!