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The Entertainer Gift Set from Bead for Life

  • One handmade tailored Apron*
  • One set of Napkin Rings (4 in a set) – Yellow, Green, or Blue
  • One set of ivory napkins (4 in a set)
  • Four packets of mulling spice in a BeadforLife Linen Bag

*Apron will coordinate with selected Napkin Ring color

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The Aspiration Gift Set from Bead for Life

Set includes:

  • 1 Aspire Bracelet: 7″-8″ size, constructed with strong and flexible elastic
  • 1 pair of Aspire Earrings: 1″ length with sterling silver-filled earring hooks
  • 1 Kisa Jewelry Bag
  • 1 blank note card of original BeadforLife photography with mailing envelope

Shop through to support DFW programs.




Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year Conflict between Global Conservation and Native Peoples

By Mark Dowie (MIT Press, 2011)

Recommended by DIG. From Amazon:

Since 1900, more than 108,000 officially protected conservation areas have been established worldwide, largely at the urging of five international conservation organizations. About half of these areas were occupied or regularly used by indigenous peoples. Millions who had been living sustainably on their land for

generations were displaced in the interests of conservation. In Conservation Refugees, Mark Dowie tells this story.

Uganda – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

By Ian Clarke (Kuperard, 2014)

From Amazon: Once notorious for the tyranny of Idi Amin, immortalized in the film The Last King of Scotland, Uganda has, for the last twenty-six years or so, struggled to overcome its negative image. It has largely been successful. Rated the best country to visit in 2012, it was one named of the best tourist destinations of 2013 by National Geographic magazine.


The Last King of Scotland

As Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, Forest Whitaker gives “one of the greatest performances of modern movie history” (Wall Street Journal), one that the Associated Press calls “nothing short of Oscar® worthy.” Inspired by real people and events, this gripping, suspenseful stunner is filled with performances you will never forget. Note: Rated R.


KANDOTE (KAHN-doh-tey) chronicles the journey of Africa’s first national men’s lacrosse team, Team Uganda, as they work towards achieving their goal of competing in the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships. Note: Not Rated. Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.


Singing for Life: Songs of Hope, Healing and HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Traditional Ugandan music is used to express the emotional toll of HIV/AIDS in the country.

Music from Uganda 1

This collection includes traditional styles of music presented by a variety of musicians and organizations, including Wollo Women Handicraft and Commercial Farming Group.