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Fair Trade

Oven Mitt, Set of Two

  • Cotton
  • 12 inches L x 7.5 inches width from thumb to outer edge. 2 inch loop for hanging.
  • Lined with both cotton batting and insulated lining
  • Outer layers are made from 100% imported cotton fabric
  • Machine wash, dry flat
  • Matching Okap pot holders available
  • Made in a cottage style work cooperative in Haiti that creates sustainable jobs for women


100 Under $100

Small investments can go a long way in the developing world. Author (and DFW Chapter Leader) Betsy Teutsch shares 100 successful, proven ways to fight poverty. The book includes actions individuals can take to help. Several DFW-supported programs are featured, including Gardens for Health International, Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), Midwives for Haiti, One Acre Fund, and Stove Team. Dining for Women will receive 30 percent of the $19.95 purchase price when you order your copy of 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women through this link. Books will be signed by the author. Offer expires 12/31/18.



Krik? Krak!

By Edwidge Danticat

Recommended by Haiti Projects.

From Amazon: Arriving one year after the Haitian-American’s first novel (Breath, Eyes, Memory) alerted critics to her compelling voice, these 10 stories, some of which have appeared in small literary journals, confirm Danticat’s reputation as a remarkably gifted writer.

Masters of the Dew

By Jacques Roumain

Recommended by Haiti Projects.

From Amazon: A new English-language edition of this novel, which tells of the traditional rural life and people of Haiti, dominated by the natural world. This is a deeply powerful story of the harsh existence of peasant farmers struggling in a world both beautiful and unforgiving.


Unbreakable: A Story of Hope and Healing in Haiti

(Contains graphic video) From Amazon: On January 12th, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, bringing devastation to an already impoverished nation. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives; more than 1 million were displaced, and tens of thousands were injured-including countless children and young people who suffered the loss of limbs.

1804: The Hidden History of Haiti

From Amazon: 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti is a documentary film about the untold history of the Haitian Revolution. Produced by the creator of the best-selling Hidden Colors film series, 1804 goes in-depth about the four principal players who were instrumental in Haiti s independence: Makandal, Dutty Bookman, Toussaint Louvature, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines. This documentary gives a competing look into the strategies, the motivation and the mindset that led to Haiti being the only slave population who successfully overthrew their oppressors.



By Lionel Benjamin

Available via MP3 and streaming

Recommended by Haiti Projects

Folk Music of Haiti

By Various Artists

Available as audio CD and via MP3 and streaming