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TisBest Philanthropy sells donation gift cards. The sender purchases a gift card for the dollar amount of their choice. The recipient spends their TisBest Charity Gift Card by donating to a charity they believe in. TisBest donates a portion of their sales to Dining for Women.

Women’s Peace Collection

Investing in women is the basis for prosperity and peace in our world, and the Women’s Peace Collection is doing its part. Each item in this online, fair-trade store speaks to this hopeful vision: women’s hands are a force for peace. Owned by Sue Fish, a DFW member in Great Barrington, MA, the site sells jewelry, scarves, bags and more made by women from around the world who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of war, civil strife or crippling poverty. All of the products are handcrafted, sustainable and will help empower women entrepreneurs. Dining for Women receives 10 percent of sales by mentioning DFW in the “Note to Women’s Peace Collection” during checkout.



Under an African Sky: A Journey to Africa’s Climate’s Frontline

By Peter Hudson

From Amazon: The author has been visiting the same village in Mauritania on the remote edge of the Sahara for over twenty years. This is the story of his most recent journey there—an intense and engaging day-by-day account through which global change and inequality are made human.

The Sahel—the “shore” of the Sahara—is where cultures, customs, and climates meet, merge, and clash. Through the numerous characters we meet and from the obviously deep and sympathetic nature of the relationship the author has with the local people, with whom he now runs agricultural projects, we learn of the realities of life in one of the harshest, most marginalised, but also quietly inspiring corners of the world.

A Moonless, Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa

By Alexis Okeowo

From Amazon: In A Moonless, Starless Sky Okeowo weaves together four narratives that form a powerful tapestry of modern Africa: a young couple, kidnap victims of Joseph Kony’s LRA; a Mauritanian waging a lonely campaign against modern-day slavery; a women’s basketball team flourishing amid war-torn Somalia; and a vigilante who takes up arms against the extremist group Boko Haram. This debut book by one of America’s most acclaimed young journalists illuminates the inner lives of ordinary people doing the extraordinary–lives that are too often hidden, underreported, or ignored by the rest of the world.


A Ballerina’s Tale

From Amazon: A rare, behind-the-scenes look at the struggles and triumphs in the career of Misty Copeland, the first African-American named principal dancer of the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

World Music from Mauritania

From Amazon: Includes a documentary about the world of the traditional Mauritanian Music diva, Ooleya Mint Amartichitt with rare footage from her village. It also includes a powerful concert of her work.


Sounds of West Sahara: Mauritania

Available on audio CD

Ooleya Mint Amartichitt

Available on Amazon streaming