Dining for Women’s Theory of Change

As the board and I worked to culminate the voices of members, leadership volunteers, and staff for the 2020 Vision, we had to look hard at the desires of the future.  Most importantly, we had to understand what Dining for Women is trying to change.  This instigated a very interesting discussion because, as we have been pointing out throughout this year, there are many points of change in our model.  As we pursue our vision of change, we recognize that Dining for Women must create a number of transformations along the way:

  • Through the giving circle model, we are changing philanthropy by harnessing the power of many: this increases the value of even the smallest gifts.
  • Through the sharing of meals, we are creating a community of like-minded people who rely on each other.
  • Through education, we are creating global citizens who are informed about the most marginalized people in the world: impoverished women and girls.
  • Through engagement and travel, we are creating relationships that span borders and foster global conversations.
  • Through advocacy, we will be changing the way the world works for women and girls.
  • Through partnerships, we will be joining others in a global movement to promote equity for women and girls.
  • Through our grants, we are empowering impoverished women and girls in developing countries to create their own destinies and to step into their rightful place in their communities.
  • Through our grants, we inspire our members to act through financial support to continue this cycle.

These activities create a cycle of change – our Theory of Change.  Nothing in this cycle can be removed without decreasing our impact in all of the activities; the activities are interdependent and together empower the hearts of thousands of people around the world.