Greensboro Chapter Is All about Fun, Food, and Friendship

The NC, Greensboro-5 chapter is focused on three Fs: fun, food, and friendship. The chapter and its founder and leader, Shashi Khanna, are celebrating 10 years of supporting women and girls through Dining for Women.

Shashi started the chapter at a season in life when she was looking for a way to give back. “I was retired, an empty nester, and needed something to fulfill my desire to change the world,” she said. “Not knowing how or where to start, I came across a quote from Saint Theresa, ‘I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’”

When Shashi attended a DFW meeting, it changed her life. “I was hooked at the very first meeting and knew this was my path,” she said. “In three months, I started my chapter and here I am ten years later, loving it and feeling I get so much more out of it than I give.”

For its first eight years, the group always met at Shashi’s home. Now, members host as well. For new chapter leaders, Shashi advises getting members involved in sharing the workload. “Maybe with age and eight years later, I became wiser and realized sharing is good,” she said. “In the past year, I added a co-leader – Hollis Gabriel – and have a presenter at most meetings. I still take care of donations. I always have members help out when we have special occasions.”

Some of those special opportunities are fundraisers, including garage sales and craft sales. Each year, the group joins the other Greensboro chapters for a shopping event at Ten Thousand Villages, followed by a movie with a silent auction at a local theater. Shashi also makes crochet dolls and casserole carriers, with all proceeds benefiting DFW.

The willingness to step out in support of women and girls has definitely enriched Shashi’s life. “I have a wonderful, diverse group of women who not only enjoy each other’s company and the food, but most of all they are passionate about helping women around the globe,” she said. “It is such a privilege to lead such a passionate group of women, and I thank them sincerely for being a part of my journey.”