Dinner Affirmation

This dinner affirmation emphasizes the connection between dining together and Together Women Rise, and is shared at chapter meetings and Together Women Rise events around the world.  In some chapters, the Chapter Leader will read the affirmation or invite the hostess or another member to read it. In other chapters, it is read in unison by the entire group. Printable Version


As we share food, we share something of ourselves and we honor each other. We recognize the powerful associations of women to food, life, and nurture in all cultures. We honor the importance of those. We also recognize the burdens they can bring. We remember the women about whom we’ve learned, the ones they strive to nurture, and the organizations that are trying to nurture them. By eating together, we remember and honor those women, who also have favorite foods and family recipes. And we express the hope that through our efforts, they may find more sustenance for their lives. May we all be able to feast together some day.