Fistula Foundation: Featured (2008), Sustained (2015-2017)

Sustained Funding

Program Title: Fistula surgery for the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea and South Sudan

Program Location: The Congo, Guinea and South Sudan

Program Summary: Ensuring access to quality fistula surgeries to women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea and South Sudan.

Program Objectives: The project will provide previously unavailable access to life-changing fistula repair surgery for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2015, women in Guinea in 2016, and women in South Sudan in 2017. The grant would cover the surgery expenses for 135 of women (45 in each country).

Direct Reach: 135

Indirect Reach: 405

Grant pays for: Surgery and pre- and post-operative care

Why we love this project: The Fistula Foundation aims to end the suffering caused by childbirth injury and obstetric fistula.  By doing so the Fistula Foundation also ends the shame and isolation that the women suffering from obstetric fistula experience while trying to bring a child into this world.  The women post surgery can live more integrated and productive lives.



2008 Featured Grant Info


Project Title: Fistula Foundation

Location: Ethiopia

Additional Information

Also funded in 2004 ($345) and 2005 ($56)

Grant Amount: $14,732

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Health

Mission of Fistula Foundation: Featured (2008), Sustained (2015-2017)
To raise awareness of and funding for fistula repair, prevention, and educational programs worldwide.

Project Summary
Dining for Women will support the The Fistula Foundation in their work with the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals to treat and prevent childhood injury obstetric fistula in Ethiopia. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital provides poor women suffering from obstetric fistula with free, specialized medical care. An obstetric fistula can be closed with intravaginal surgery. If the operation is performed by a skilled surgeon, a fistula patient has a good chance of returning to a normal life. The Fistula Hospital has a success rate greater than 90 percent.

Why We Love This Project
Experts at the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals estimate that there are approximately 9,000 new cases of fistula every year in Ethiopia alone. By any estimate, at least two million women currently live with fistula throughout the developing world. The world capacity to treat fistula is estimated at 6,5000 repair surgeries per year. The Fistula Hospital is the largest facility in the world devoted exclusively to fistula care. They’ve opened mini-hospitals in other regions. Today, all Ethiopian medical students specializing in obstetrics and gynecology are required to train at Fistula Hospital. Their model program for fistula treatment worldwide has inspired numerous centers throughout the developing world.

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2008 Fistula Foundation Fact Sheet