Maryland Chapter Celebrates 10 Years

We extend the warmest congratulations to the MD, Rockville-1 chapter, led by Merle Steiner and Peggy Fitzgerald Bare, which celebrated 10 years together in September.

Peggy founded the chapter with Gail Nachman after Gail learned about DFW from ABC’s “Good Morning America.” They each invited friends and work colleagues and the chapter was on its way.

“We really enjoy each other’s company and getting to know new members so we socialize together for the first half hour of our meeting,” Peggy said. “Then one of our members – typically the host, although sometimes another member – gives a brief talk about the featured project, using all the terrific information provided by Dining for Women. We watch the video and then have a discussion about the project and issues facing women in the featured country. Then we adjourn for a potluck dinner, more conversation, and wine!” The group meets monthly, except in August and December, at members’ homes.

Located in a suburb of Washington, D.C., the group has about 75 members, with about 15 attending each meeting. Merle and Peggy share the chapter responsibilities by alternating months for organizing the chapter meeting and handling donations and other administrative tasks. Each has also taken on other volunteer roles with DFW. Peggy is a Regional Mentor and Merle is the Co-Leader for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Peggy said the chapter is filled with women who are committed to helping others. “We’ve been fortunate that there have been so many women in our community who want to learn about and support grassroots organizations around the world that are doing amazing work in support of women and girls,” she said. “We’ve also found that friends bring friends and so our members have had the opportunity to meet other women in the community who have similar interests. And it keeps our chapter renewed!”