Peru 2014: Day 3 at the INMED clinic

Day 3: DFW travelers visited Campo Verde, a clinic run by INMED. They brought supplies and shared in the joy of a baby shower.

By Kay Manley

Thirty mamas and young children gathered in one room along with clinic staff and DFW travelers. There was palpable energy in the space, partly created by Liet Pena Zegarra, a licensed midwife who led the games, exercises and singing and dancing with an endless supply of enthusiasm. Dancing with the young mothers- to-be was a sweet way to connect with them as individuals. Laughter and smiles resulted as we followed the steps of Liet in energetic dances. The games presented prenatal information in a fun way; educational posters in the room added to the atmosphere of accessible learning.

We were greeted with great hospitality as well as appreciation for the clothes and baby care supplies we gave to the mamas. “Una sorpresa”  was the grand finale at the end of the shower when a young mother went into labor.