Caravan to Class

Project Title: Caravan to Class

Location: Mali

Grant Amount: $42,260

Grantee Website:

Areas of Impact: Economic Sustainability, Education & Literacy, Gender Equality

Mission of Caravan to Class
The mission of Caravan to Class is to bring literacy to the children of villages around Timbuktu, Mali in West Africa.

The project will train 200 women in 10 villages in classical literacy, teaching them basic reading, writing and calculating in their local languages to both improve their livelihoods and empower this group of women to be important advocates for education in their villages.

Why We Love This
We love this project because it brings literacy skills to former nomadic populations who are seeking a more settled life. The literacy skills will allow leadership skills to emerge among beneficiary women, increase their ability to make health and economic decisions for themselves and their families, and increase their engagement with their communities.


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