Project Title: Safe Bodies & Healthy Minds

Location: Mauritania, Uganda

Grant Amount: $50,000

Grantee Website: mindleaps.org

Areas of Impact: Education & Literacy, Gender Equality, Health, Leadership Development

Mission of MindLeaps
MindLeaps creates educational paths for children and youth through the creative arts and 21st century skills built on data-driven metrics.

We are funding the Safe Bodies & Healthy Minds project that will create a Sexual and Reproductive Health program for girls. This will help to prevent school dropouts due to pregnancy, improve the girls’ social-emotional health and self-confidence, and allow them to achieve their full potential. The project also works with the girls’ mothers in small-scale savings and loans programs.

Why We Love This
We love this project because it engages girls in fun yet rigorous dance classes that are part of a carefully-crafted curriculum to develop the key cognitive and social-emotional skills vital to sexual and reproductive health and to success in school and work. It also provides micro loans to help the girls’ mothers who are participating in the program.