We Are Grateful for the Service of Retiring RL Kay Manley

Retiring Carolinas Regional Leader Kay Manley isn’t leaving DFW, but she will be missed as she returns to being an active member rather than shepherding chapter leaders.

Kay went to her first DFW meeting with the NC, Asheville-1 chapter in 2012.

“From the first meeting, I thought, ‘This is what I want to be involved with. This speaks to me,’” she said. “I was so impressed with the whole organization as to how carefully selected the grantees are, the variety of grantees, and also just how far the dollars go. I love – and still love – the focus on developing countries.”

By May 2016, Kay signed on as a Regional Leader. Now that her duties as an adjunct instructor at a local college are increasing, she is stepping back into her first DFW role as a member. Throughout her time working with chapter leaders, Kay has seen firsthand the results of what she describes as the longevity that comes from strong leaders and strong chapters, as well as the vitality among the new chapters in the region.

“There is so much amazing work that is accomplished by the individual chapters and I think that’s the heart of all of it,” she said. “Everything that happens each month is changing the world.”

“Kay has done an amazing job of building a regional team in the Carolinas, and increasing awareness in order to grow DFW,” said Beth Ellen Holimon, DFW President. “We will miss her many contributions to our  Regional Leader Committee.”

We are currently searching for someone to replace Kay as Carolinas Regional Leader. If you are interested or would like more information, please email Wendy Frattolin, wendy@togetherwomenrise.org.  You can also visit the Volunteer page of our website for more details about the Regional Leader role.