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Congo: The Epic History of a People

by David Van Reybrouck

From Amazon: From the beginnings of the slave trade through colonization, the struggle for independence, Mobutu’s brutal three decades of rule, and the civil war that has raged from 1996 to the present day, Congo: The Epic History of a People traces the history of one of the most devastated nations in the world. Esteemed scholar David Van Reybrouck balances hundreds of interviews with a diverse range of Congolese with meticulous historical research to construct a multidimensional portrait of a nation and its people.

Epic in scope yet eminently readable, both penetrating and deeply moving, Congo—a finalist for the Cundill Prize—takes a deeply humane approach to political history, focusing squarely on the Congolese perspective, and returns a nation’s history to its people.

The Congo: From Leopold to Kabila: A People’s History 

by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja

From Amazon: As this book shows, the People of the Congo have suffered throughout the past century from a particularly brutal experience of colonial rule, and a series of post-independence political conflicts. But as this insightful political history of the Congolese democratic movement of the 20th century decisively makes clear, its people have not taken these multiple oppressions lying down. Instead, they have struggled both to establish democratic institutions at home and to free themselves from exploitations abroad.


From Amazon: Made in the tradition of such true-life political thrillers as MALCOLM X and JFK, Raoul Peck’s award-winning LUMUMBA is a gripping epic that dramatizes for the first time the rise and fall of legendary African leader Patrice Lumumba. When the Congo declared its independence from Belgium in 1960, the 36-year-old, self-educated Lumumba became the first Prime Minister of the newly independent state.

Africa: Congo

From Amazon: From the BBC’s Natural History Unit with Sir David Attenborough – The Congo rainforest covers the very heart of Africa, it is a dynamic and pulsating habitat, packed with life. From the competitive center of the forest to the open edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this is all about carving out space in a crowded world. Here in the Congo, no matter how tough the competition, you must stand up and fight for yourself and your patch.