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Fair Trade

Cody the Cat from Women’s Peace Collection

Cody is handcrafted out of wool in a fair trade cooperative in Nepal and is free of harsh chemicals and wires. (Ages 3 and older)

Each item in this online, fair-trade store speaks to this hopeful vision: women’s hands are a force for peace. The site sells jewelry, scarves, bags, and more made by women from around the world who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of war, civil strife, or crippling poverty. All of the products are handcrafted, sustainable, and will help empower women entrepreneurs. Dining for Women receives 10 percent of sales by mentioning DFW in the “Note to Women’s Peace Collection” during checkout. Visit Women’s Peace Collection here. Offer expires 6/1/20.

Dining for Women Merchandise

You can celebrate your passion for Dining for Women by purchasing custom merchandise featuring the Dining for Women logo. Items include stationery, drinkware, apparel, aprons, bags, and more. Dining for Women receives a portion of the proceeds from each sale. Click here to shop our Café Press Store.



The Tutor of History

By Manjushree Thapa

Recommended by Street Child US

From Amazon: It is the late 1990s, a few years into constitutional democracy in Nepal, and the government has collapsed. In Khaireni Tar, a small town on the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway, four separate lives come together during the campaign for fresh elections: Rishi Parajuli, a disillusioned communist who gives private tuitions in history; Giridhar Adhikari, an alcoholic who is the chairman of the Peoples Partys district committee; Om Gurung, a large-hearted former British Gurkha; and Binita Dahal, a reclusive young widow who runs a tea stall near the town’s only bus stop. As the elections approach, and the crises in their lives mount, they must choose not only for their country, but also for their own individual futures.


While the Gods Were Sleeping

By Elizabeth Enslin

Recommended by Street Child US

From Amazon: Love and marriage brought American anthropologist Elizabeth Enslin to a world she never planned to make her own: a life among Brahman in-laws in a remote village in the plains of Nepal. As she faced the challenges of married life, birth, and childrearing in a foreign culture, she discovered as much about human resilience, and the capacity for courage, as she did about herself.



Recommended by Street Child US

From Amazon: Filmed over seven months in the forbidden Dolpo region of Nepal, Academy Award-nominated Himalaya tells the story of a generational struggle for the leadership of a tiny mountain village between its proud old chief and a headstrong young caravanner. The balance of power shifts uneasily as they make their annual salt trek across the Himalayas.

Searching for Nepal

From Amazon: Searching for Nepal chronicles the emotional and cultural journey of a former Peace Corps volunteer as he returns to Nepal, seeking out his adopted family in the aftermath of Nepal’s Maoist civil war. Filmed entirely on location, this exotic, soul-searching adventure explores the universal yearning to go home again. A multi award winning film.


Ankit Shrestha

Recommended by Street Child US

Available as MP3 and on Amazon streaming

Bartika Eam Rai

Recommended by Street Child US

Available on Amazon streaming