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Fair Trade

Huaywasi (why-wa-si) is a Fair Trade and Handmade Artisan Project part of the non-profit The Light and Leadership Initiative, a non-profit working towards quality education in Peru. Huaywasi works directly with seven female artisans in the outskirts of Lima, Peru, to produce unique, yet functional items not found anywhere else. All profits go towards benefitting LLI’s Women’s Empowerment education program. Shop at with this link to receive 10% off and pass along 10% of your purchase as a donation to Dining for Women. Your discount will be automatically applied through the link. Offer expires 12/31/19. The chunky infinity scarf shown was lovingly handmade by Alejandra and took 9 hours to complete.

Dining for Women Merchandise

You can celebrate your passion for Dining for Women by purchasing custom merchandise featuring the Dining for Women logo. Items include stationery, drinkware, apparel, aprons, bags, and more. Dining for Women receives a portion of the proceeds from each sale. Click here to shop our Café Press Store.



The Kingdom of Roses and Thorns

By Debra Liebenow Daly

Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation

From Amazon: The Kingdom of Swaziland, in southern Africa, boasts breathtaking mountain ranges, friendly people and a peaceful political climate. Scratch the surface, and one finds a country battling the ravages of the world’s worst HIV/AIDS epidemic, devastating poverty, and the lack of rights for women. In ‘The Kingdom of Roses and Thorns’ five Swazi women overcome devastating hardships with unwavering determination and inner strength.

What the Future Holds

By Sara Mkhonza

Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation


Wah Wah

Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation

From Amazon: Ralph Compton (Nicolas Hoult) witnesses the disintegration of his parents’ marriage through adultery and alcohol set during the last gasp of the British Empire in Swaziland in 1969. When his father (Gabriel Byrne) remarries an American (Emily Watson), Ralph finds she is the only one who can truly understand his inner turmoil.

Without the King

Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation

From Amazon: Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, this acclaimed films tells an astonishing story of Africa’s last absolute monarchy, the Kingdom of Swaziland. King Mswati III, a distant figure out of touch with his home and country, rules by decree and lives a life of luxury together with his 12 wives, while his subjects suffer from crushing poverty and the world’s highest HIV infection rate. With unprecedented access, we meet headstrong first wife Queen LaMbikiza, eldest child and teen rapper Princess Sikhanyiso, King MsWati himself, as well as many Swazi citizens who are plotting his downfall. Filmmaker Michael Skolnik captures the birth of a nation’s revoltuion, and the dawning awareness of a young Swazi princess as she realizes the contrast between her impoverished country and her lavish lifestyle. In SiSwati with English subtitles. (YHF notes that this film was banned in Swaziland.)


Swazi Soul

By Bholoja

Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation

Dusty & Stones 
Recommended by Young Heroes Foundation