DFW Receives Charity Navigator’s 3 Star Rating!
Oct, 2016

DFW Receives Charity Navigator’s 3 Star Rating!

Thank you to all our members who voted to get Dining for Women rated on Charity Navigator!  For the first time, DFW is on the list of rated charities with Charity Navigator, which is the world’s largest and most utilized evaluator of charities. There are 1.57 million nonprofits registered in the U. S. and Charity Navigator does not rate all of them, even those eligible to be rated under their criteria.  It took our members voting for us to be rated to get on their radar. Details

Apr, 2016

DFW Implements Best Practices in Program Funding

2015 was a big year for Dining for Women! Significant changes took place that have strengthened the vision, management, and operations of our organization. In her first full year at the helm, our Executive Director, Beth Ellen Holimon, realigned the duties and reporting structure of staff, led the Board of Directors through an extensive visioning process, and successfully created and executed DFW’s first, formalized fund development plan.