Why Dining for Women Loves Automatic Recurring Gifts

For most charities, particularly small to medium-sized ones, donation revenue fluctuates dramatically from month to month, and year to year. Automatic monthly giving, however, offers a steady and predictable source of funding, and also allows us to benefit from other advantages:

  • Less expensive. There’s typically a significant cost advantage because manual administrative work is eliminated.  That’s particularly true when donations are made through automatic bank draft. And in the case of monthly donations, the cost advantage is more significant as DFW can reduce its marketing in confidence of your continued support.
  • More effective planning. With a more predictable cash flow, DFW can plan future projects and initiatives without worrying if enough funds will come in.

What’s In It For You?

In addition to supporting the charity you care about, there are several benefits for you:

  • Easier on your pocket book.  Scheduled giving helps you budget as well!  Instead of making the mad donation dash in the middle of the heavy-spending holiday season, feel good giving year-round and avoid a January cash-flow crunch.
  • Easier to track. When you choose to give monthly using bank drafts or credit cards, you’ll receive an email tax receipt at every donation point.  Or, you can simply wait until tax time to get one receipt with all of your charitable donations made that fiscal year by email.
  • It’s simple.  Just send in this form to set up a bank draft, the most efficient way to give. Or you can click here and set up a recurring credit card gift.

Why Bank Drafts Are Best

Credit cards and debit cards expire and are compromised frequently. Every month we spend hours working with an excessive number of donors who have credit card issues.

DFW banks with BB&T which offers ACH Preauthorized Drafts which are processed through a central facility. This nationwide network handles the transfer of monetary transactions between member banks and the Federal Reserve System. The system is used to safely process billions of electronic transactions each year without frequent failures like credit cards.

Best of all, automatic monthly giving allows you to make a bigger charitable impact.  Month after month, your scheduled donations make a huge impact on DFW and our mission.